The Little Things


How many times have you come across a recipe of interest, but you altered it or substituted an ingredient for something else, because: “do I really need the smoked paprika when I already have a full size of the regular?”

Ah, the little things.

The glue that holds the bigger things together.

Frankly, I think the phrase itself almost devalues the magnitude of what they are and the purpose they serve. Sometimes we skip over them and other times we don’t think to pay them that much thought; the bigger picture tends to be the main conquest. Probably, because it takes less work to understand the destination and we usually have to dig deeper to see the importance of the steps we take throughout the journey.

We tend to think that the little things don’t account for much when in fact, they add up each day and turn into a much larger result. For example: would you pass by a single dollar bill on the ground? Didn’t think so.

Before you build a house, there are a ton of little things that need to be done to ensure its withstanding. The house will fall if the little things aren’t there. The same is true for our lives. The little things are essential to our self-care needs. When we miss them, we settle with complacency and ‘just as good’; Let’s cancel that.

Positive Distraction of the Week: 

The little things occupy some of the biggest spaces and if you can learn to appreciate them you will never be in search of ‘the next thing’ to fill that void you hate so much. This week, make a list of all the meaningful little things you may overlook and work toward valuing them each day. See mine below:

  1. Stellar customer service
  2. When the tire light goes away after filling it with fresh air
  3. Listening to this song in the morning
  4. Chocolate covered almonds that have more chocolate to almond ratio
  5. Denim scented candles
  6. Receiving a double-text (oh you know)
  7. Leftovers on Saturday afternoon
  8. Items on sale that are actually usable
  9. Non-verbal conversations with friends
  10. Repotting new plants
  11. Googling a thought & finding out you’re not crazy AND other people had the same question
  12. Rotating sushi
  13. Student discounts
  14. The small victories
  15. The Matlock & Who’s The Boss Theme Song
  16. Finding full-length episodes & movies on YouTube & Vimeo
  17. Watching televised events with Twitter
  18. Impromptu adventures that don’t cause me too much anxiety for not being prepared
  19. When my iPhone pretends to die but then comes back to life with 21%
  20. All things Lavender & Sandalwood & Bergamot
  21. Equal topping proportions on my Acai Bowl
  22. Tea I actually drink & don’t forget about because it was originally too hot
  23. Consecutive episodes of The X-Files on television
  24. When the wi-fi automatically connects to my technology device
  25. Changing a duvet cover without wanting to throw the entire thing out

Honorable Mention: Samuel L. Jackson yelling in movies; especially in this scene.

Takeaway: The little things require conscious validation. When you start being aware of them around you, it becomes an automatic behavior that enhances your overall wellness.  They force you to take your time and understand the process as you move forward. They require patience but when you put the time in to see what they are, chances are you begin to be a lot happier from not having to repeat life lessons from the missed clues. 

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Best, Dr. Dyce


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    1. I’m so glad! Sometimes we forget about the little things, but they can be the most meaningful. Thanks so much for following up this week!


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