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Currently Obsessed

It’s another year of realizing things & I find myself being extremely conscious about where I spend my coins and what philosophies different companies have in regard to social responsibility. 

I enjoy working with earth happy brands that support self-care and mental health wellness.  This week I teamed up with Harvey Prince. A New York based company that specializes in cruelty-free, chemical free (parabens and sulfates), vegan fragrances and cosmetics. You know, scents with purpose. 

As mentioned in the little things I love sandalwood & bergamot. The two scents that help uplift my mood during the day and keep me productive.

Literature Review

Scents affect your thoughts and behavior.  Studies show that fragrances can transform your mood and have a positive impact on reducing stress and anxiety levels. This rings true for me as specific scents have the ability to cultivate feelings of nostalgia and provide small moments of comfort. Fragrances also allow me to take deeper regulated breaths by calming my mind and body (I am the queen of wall plug-ins & candles & am obsessed with the effects of fragrances).

Progress Notes

So. What is the scent of your positive thinking? Sincerely, which I’ve added to my new scent favorites pretty much inspired this month’s installment of “self-care obsessed”.

Naturally, I wanted you all to get in on the fun and explore organic scents to help alleviate stress during your day. So, being that YWF is obsessed with anything bite-sized & easy to transport, Harvey Prince is providing all YWF readers an opportunity to get a FREE fragrance (MSRP $23) with code: MINI23.

What is your olfaction distraction? Leave a comment down below + share with a friend. Thanks so much for following up. I’ll see you on Sunday. 

Best, Dr. Dyce

+This is not a sponsored post. Products were sent gratis. All opinions are my own.