Activate Your Green Thumb


My mother is a gardener. Over the years I have seen her produce some of the most exquisite arrangements. I however, used to swear off being in the garden and nursery. I didn’t understand the fascination of being in dirt, under the sun, and dodging bugs. In fact, my last known successful plant was in 4th grade when I grew the lima bean in a zip lock bag with a wet brown paper towel (am I the only one who did this in science class? okay, that’s fine).  However, over the years I’ve realized how calming gardening can be and it’s parallel to emotional wellness. As the saying goes: planting a seed is believing in tomorrow. Maybe my mum is on to something.

Studies show that flowers can have an immediate impact on emotional health and long term positive effect on mood. It’s kinda hard to feel negative when you’ve got a bright floral bouquet in your presence.

Keeping fresh florals in your apartment is a great self-care tactic that is often looked over; probably, since we tend to only connect flowers with an occasion. Let’s cancel that. Cheers to activating our green thumb this week, simply because we deserve views.

Positive Distraction of the Week:

This week spruce up your living space with a living plant you’ve housed yourself. I first started this practice on a small level by purchasing colorful flowers from my local farmer’s market; I would score amazing plants for inexpensive prices. If you want to kick it up a notch, plant seeds and wait for the bloom. I just moved to the low country and as an east-coast girl, it’s been an adjustment. While I’m learning a few gardening ropes about the big guys from my mum, I still want my smaller bouqs without much hassle #typical. With very few options around for local sourcing, I decided to grow my own.

Let’s face it. Gardening is a tough gig. It’s even more difficult if you’re in a living space or geographical location that isn’t conducive for you to get experimenting in dirt. Let’s not even talk about being a student or early professional. The tight budget life is real; who can keep up with the sacks of fertilizer each week and how exactly does this work? Hashtag: been there. Need an idea for activating your green thumb if you’re limited with options? Don’t worry, I got you covered. 

This week I collaborated with click and grow. A community of fresh food growers that are changing the game with indoor smart gardens. It’s the set it and forget it of 2017.

Consider an indoor garden:

My unit came with 3 smart packs of basil & then I selected floral seeds for my first bloom. Installation is fool and error proof. The unit creates it’s own lighting, is already pre-packaged to feed AND water itself! Legit.

They’ve also created an app for your phone to navigate when you’ll need to add more water to the basin, or when it’s time to tweak the height of your “sun”.

Remember those new year goals? I can’t think of a stronger way to maintain a cleaner lifestyle than by growing your own food.

I’m so excited to watch these little guys grow over the next few weeks & will be sure to share snapshots along the way so we can all see the final product.

Get into it

Takeaway: I encourage you to activate your green thumb. Whether you are a windowsill garden enthusiast or an urban farmer. Plant something and track your growth each week. There are several approaches you can employ. If you’re unable to plant something, take a visit to the park or botanical garden in your area, sit and observe- just watch out for the beetles.

Thanks so much for following up this week. April’s self-care sunday Spotify playlist is active, go check it out while you’re working. Share these tips with a friend and follow up with me on Instagram and Twitter! I’m so glad you’re here. 

Best, Dr. Dyce

+Many thanks to Click + Grow for their support in this blog. I like to work with companies whose products I believe in. This is not a sponsored post, products were provided gratis. All opinions and thoughts about the businesses featured here are my own.


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