Lemon Ricotta Cake

Bite-Sized Recipe

Spring is here and I’m jumping into full swing of all things botanical. It’s kind of the theme around these parts, but nothing screams flower power more than this botanical ricotta cake I whipped up for the weekend. Okay, so it’s not entirely a bite-sized recipe, but it’s surely worth the time spent. The edible flowers prepared by Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, provide an impressive finish to this crowd-pleasing treat.

I’ve been using this brand of edible flowers for a few projects and I whole heartedly recommend them for your culinary swag. My botanical popsicles came out impressive and the Coachella themed cookies were a big hit. This time around I wanted to go bigger but also challenge myself, as I had never made a naked cake before. It was a tedious task, but on trend with my Vision of the year, I’m super proud of myself and this finished product; but then again, I never met a cake i didnt like. 

The Move

I followed recipe for the Lemon Ricotta Cake and for the filling I created a cream cheese frosting. I know, I know, this is a pretty luxurious cake, but in small slices, it won’t be too bad, right? The floral blend I used is the Flower Cosmos Mix and I think they worked great!

For help executing the naked cake look, I followed The Super Fine Bakery’s video tutorial on how to make a naked cake which was great for me, the novice. LOL. Pro Tip: A frosting spatula is king. Don’t get caught slipping with a regular knife. Let me know if you tried this recipe!

Best, Dr. Dyce



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