Know Your Language



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Along with astrology signs + buzz feed surveys, the Myers Briggs Inventory is a personal favorite.

The myers-briggs test identifies you in one of 16 personality types that helps to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. This can be helpful in relationships (who you should date), work spaces, and interpersonal settings. It’s a great anchor to keep in the back of your mind. 

You’ve got four quadrants to your brain and 4 energies that comprise your personality. This is known as whole thinking. When you know your personality language + information about other approaches in communication, it helps to provide perspective into what’s going on in your life: win.

Knowing your personality language can also:

  1. Help define what sets you apart from other people. Figure out why you don’t respond to certain things to maybe your friends or family and gain an understanding of how you perceive things in your smaller circles. Increased awareness and insight is always a win + there’s no reason for you to feel like an outlier.
  2. Manage your energy appropriately. One of my psychology professors once said in class: “Knowing your demons makes it more easy to put a leash on them.” I think sometimes we try to steer away from our weaknesses when in actuality knowing thy self and how to manage your short-comings is a powerful skill. No one is without flaw. Understanding your personality/language can help improve your home and work experiences. 
  3. Let go of dogma. Preference is about personality. Just because I like structure and my best friend thrives in grey, does not mean either of us are wrong or right. We have preferences and we all have our individual personalities. This information can be extremely helpful in conflict, gaining understanding of someone new, and navigating our social worlds. Let go of he dogma that weighs you down of how you think we should all perform and become knowledgeable about the differences of difference that makes us different. 

Positive Distraction of The Week: 

Dwell in possibility and find out what your personality type is and let me know if you find the results accurate. Take a simulated personality test and let me know what your results are in the comments section of the blog and your reactions to it. You can also learn more about your character types here. 

I am an ESTJ (The Guardian)

  • Extraversion (E): straight forward, out going
  • Sensing (S): practical, detailed, conventional
  • Thinking (T): logical, pragmatic, objective, rational 
  • Judgment (J): organized, structured, persistent

What that means: I prefer facts and figures, tend to take charge, we’re born leaders, and take commitments very seriously. We’re always making sure that things are running smoothly (hence the nickname, The Guardian) When under stress we have a hard time putting our feelings into words and communicating. We value security and social order above all else, and feel obligated to do all that they can to enhance and promote these goals. 

Our Shortcomings: We have control issues and our delivery of message can be construed as insensitive, cough: INFPs. We’re also uncomfortable with change.

Let me know how this worked out for you this week and what category you fall into. Any surprises or pretty spot on? Thanks so much for checking in this week. Share this post with a friend and bring one to next Sunday’s session. Thanks so much for following up!

Best, Dr. Dyce