Hydrate + Recharge your mental health


I am obsessed with the healing powers of water.



You already know you need to drink more water. BUT- did you know that 80-90% of the serotonin produced in your body is produced in your gut? Serotonin has an influence on just about every brain cell. There’s also a strong link between decreased levels of serotonin + depression.

Your brain needs water to keep running, performing, and completing the necessary tasks you need every day. Additionally, your water intake will impact your mood, irritability level, memory/focus, and cravings [which will lead to more than likely, poor food choices impacting your mood again]- do you see this cycle! Yikes! The danger of hydration is real + we don”t have time to get caught slippin! Let’s get it together this week.

Positive Distraction of The Week 

My dehydration tell is that my skin needs more moisture, lower energy, + if I get sick, my bounce back is a lot longer than it would usually take. What are the signs that you need more water?

In efforts to own less, I’ve downsized my consumption use as well. This includes plastic. 

myBKR is my new favorite possession. You may have seen the larger 1L version in my New Orleans travel essential post that holds about 2.5 lbs of water and my .5 L container that I take everywhere [it’s so helpful]. It’s really great when I leave in the morning and take my vitamins while I’m walking out the door. The creators believe that your insides should glow + I totally cosign.

It’s a glass, reusable, refillable water bottle with a protective sleeve for keeping your bevy cool, warm, and keeping your grip strong + it’s a good way to get more water into your life. I like to compete with myself, so I know that a 2 fills of my 1L (pictured) BKR= the amount of water I need for that day at minimum. It’s way easier than buying packs of water or god forbid water outside in like a store while keeping you accountable. The baby .5L is also perfect for my afternoon tea, quick trips and errands, + a good way to trick yourself into drinking more water when idle.

So! This week, record your water intake, unbothered. Are you getting the correct amount of ounces you need? I was using a jar for the longest time until I upgraded to the BKR which I take everywhere.

Other uses: bottling the tears of your haters.



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Best, Dr. Dyce

+Many thanks to myBKR for their support in this blog. I like to work with companies whose products I believe in. This is not a sponsored post + products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I stay true to your weekly followup + my aesthetics.