Tried It: Natural Deodorant


Alright. So I decided to approach this as a log because well, 30; hashtag: memory loss. To begin, I’m going to tell you from the beginning, that this product does in fact work. It’s effective and it performs as it claims. This is my first introduction to natural deodorant, so I don’t have any others to compare it to- but if you’re just as skeptical as I was Meow Meow Tweet is a fantastic brand to try that delivers and won’t get you upset about spending your coins on something that doesn’t work.

Now. All that aside. I probably won’t be using natural deodorant willingly again and I’ll tell you why. But first, the usu breakdown + commentary.

 L: under arm primer R: lavender bergamot deodorant stick

L: under arm primer R: lavender bergamot deodorant stick

Literature review

Underarm Primer

Key Ingredients: witch hazel, jojoba oil, aloe vera

MMT has a primer for those of us who are trying to be better humans with natural deodorant as it helps ease us into the land of non-toxicity. The formula acts to balance your transitioning pH, moisturize, prep and maintain your under arm. I also found that the primer helps to glide the product on because the stick itself is a bit stiffer than your usual deodorant (It’s not as soft as chemical based glides; the consistency of the stick is like a softer bar of soap). The primer is housed in a 1 ounce glass vial with a pump that released the product slowly. Only 1 needed per arm.

Bergamot + Lavender Natural Deodorant

Key Ingredients: organic and fair trade sunflower seed oil, arrowroot powder, + shea fruit butter

The texture of the stick is not as smooth or easy to apply compared to your standard deodorant but it’s not as difficult as I’ve read others to be- it’s moveable. MMT also runs this deodorant in cream form.  I can tell you now that it’s already hard with the two steps of applying the primer every day so I’m not sure how the cream would work for me but you might be into it.

Progress Notes

Day 1

After a 12 hour day I had no issues with any odor. I enjoy bergamot but I can see how someone might be put off by the scent of the product; Luckily they offer a non-scented version. I will say that the scent isn’t “earthy” or strong and dissipates after a few minutes. 

Day 2

I hail from the school of Mitchum and Dove because of their holding power. It’s a rare occasion I’d push a 36 hour deodorant test but there have been times I’ve been in the library for a whole day or a lab and my day runs 24 hours instead of a usual 12. I would say that natural deodorant wouldn’t hold up. After about 12 hours the product breaks down and you’ll need to shower (sweaty) and then reapply. If you’ve got a long study/work period or maybe you quickly leave the house Saturday morning for a quick errand or eats after raging hard on Friday, you won’t get the holding power of chemical based products.

Day 3

It’s 96 degrees and I’m odorless but not for what I feel as long as days before? There needs to be a support group for the transition from antiperspirant deodorant to natural deodorant because it really feels like a behavioral experiment. It was very difficult for me to feel comfortable throughout the day. I’m wondering if this would be best used on only low impact days. I’m also wondering how I will feel about this in the winter. Winter sweat is worse than summer sweat, (less ventilation) but maybe because you sweat less it’ll feel different In a different temperature. IDK. Apparently your body purges more sweat after the first few days? This is maddening.

Day 4

I feel like the power is starting to fade slower. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m producing more sweat or because the previous use of aluminum laced deodorant is now eradicated from my skin. (That thought alone is quite terrifying, but I’m not sure what’s really happening). Know that your own bodily scent will come through at some point to some extent. I also worked out today and I felt a lot more conscious of perspiring. After reapplying post shower, I really just wanted to bathe in dove spray on but I didn’t. You’re welcome. #yeahscience

Day 5

I’m a little annoyed today because I feel like I’m working on streamlining my morning and the two-step under arm process feels as if it’s adding more time; You have to wait in between use of the primer and deodorant. I suggest you dispense one pumps per arm because you do have to wait for it to try and then add the deodorant; there’s no residue left on the your fingers it feels just like lotion and there is no scent which is great. This is such a transition and I don’t think I can go through life feeling damp by 11 am. Overall the day went well, product performed accordingly.


Unboxing Experience: the entire MMT line of body products is adorable and clever. I really enjoy the illustrations and vibrant colors. The vial is a great vessel for product distribution. I wish that the cardboard deodorant holder allowed the product to expand and retract more freely.

Effectiveness: Listen this product works. Full stop. I have no critique about the effectiveness of its claims and it performs for what you are purchasing- a deodorant. I think folks get a little confused because most of us are accustomed to antiperspirants and believe they are the same thing and they’re not. “Deodorants” we know are two fold- smell and sweat. However. It’s the antiperspirants that block your sweat ducts with aluminum compounds so you sweat less. This deodorant lacks the aluminum and only protect against odor. Again. This is a deodorant. You will still sweat. You will feel moisture. This product does not stain your clothes. While there’s no conclusive research that the aluminum applied near your breast will cause cancer, It’s still something to consider as it is a chemical that is closing up the natural flow of fluid from your body. This is a leap for me because in order to use this product you have to get used to perspiring. I know that aluminum is on the carcinogen list and I hope that this doesn’t shave years off my life but, ugh- decisions.

Cost To Use Ratio: High, but worth it in the long run if you’re into it. The primer has a $22 ticket and the deodorant is $20 for full size-stick and $14 for mini. If you go the cream route it’s $14 for a full size and $8 for mini. This can be close to 4 times as much as you usually pay for deodorant/antiperspirant which can be intimidating. Additionally, although this product is sold in smaller retail shops, you’re going to have to buy ahead before you finish to make sure you have a replacement on deck. MMT is not yet sold in larger accessible stores so you’ll have to order online.

Here’s the thing though. One of the biggest critiques surrounding natural deodorant is that it doesn’t work or is not effective. I can attest that this product lives up to its claims and that with responsible use this could last you good amount of time, very comparable to your regular deodorants. The issue that I have is embracing the perspiration. If you are able to do that or willing to try and make the shift, then I definitely think you should try this product.

Best, Dyce

+all photos taken by yourweeklyfollowup

+Many thanks to Meow Meow Tweet for their support in this blog. This is not a sponsored post + products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions and thoughts about the businesses featured are my own. I stay true to your weekly followup + my aesthetic. 


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