Sincerely, A Retired Manic Pixie Dream Girl


I’m retiring my Manic Pixie Dream Girl (MPDG) membership card.

A MPDG is the character you see in movies that awaken the potential in the protagonist of the story. In 500 days of summer, Summer (Zooey Deschanel) was the MPDG who helped the hopeless romantic Tom, rediscover himself. In Garden State, Sam (Natalie Portman) was able to bring Zach Braff to a new normal that allowed him to make peace with his past, + in Elizabethtown, Kirstin Dunst was the ride-or-die for Orlando Bloom.

To be honest, MPDGs can be in any type of relationship. You could be the MPDG in your squad: the one who has to go to the function, because it won’t be the same without you or the “glue” that holds everyone together. 10 signs you’re a manic pixie dream girl. 

We seem to view life from a different perspective + it can be infectious. When they can’t see the light we’ll sit with them in the dark, time + time again; & God help you if you’re also in a profession where you make your living from helping others- then it’s twice as hard to exit.

I’m leaving this club.

One of the challenges of being someone who is more inclined to [give] are the instances you run into people who mostly know how to [take] or worse- they have a hard time absorbing + sabotage the unconditional you provide: love, trust, attention, honesty, + loyalty. But- It’s not completely their fault. Let’s be honest, part of the thrill in being a MPDG is the “challenge” of breaking that stubborn core + bringing your partner/friend to the other side + seeing life through the rose colored stylish sunglasses we tend to see life in. But:

I’m Retiring.

Because long are the days when skinned knees were the only thing that hurt + goodbyes only meant until tomorrow. It’s not all roses + clover anymore + it is just too exhausting being the MPDG- at any level. Admit it- you’re tired. You learn to put yourself second for the sake of another person + often your needs are not met. Why? Because you’ve trained others that your feelings come second. You leave the table empty handed. You think that you’re doing work for the greater benefit of someone else + will never admit that you also receive a slick reward from the sense of completion in a task to “improve”. The problem is you’re not left with much substance when it’s all said + done. I’ve realized the difference in what my problem is + is not + I’m gracefully leaving the club.

I’m Over it.

Because the truth is, one of the hardest lessons we [re]-learn in life is knowing when it’s time to walk away holding onto the love that you knew. There may be feelings of loss, but to be completely honest, I deserve a bigger return on investment + so do you; potential doesn’t pay. Some things in life cannot be fixed, they can only be carried + it’s time to carry your own damn luggage.

Positive Distraction of The Week

It is not your responsibility to turn the coward into a champion. Exit the living definition of insanity + begin to gain the trust you lost from loving the wrong people. If this doesn’t apply to you, pass it along to a friend + pay it forward via share-links below. Also, let me know your thoughts: relatable? Wishing you a strong week + a new beginning!

Sincerely, a [former] manic pixie dream girl.

The convenient thing about being a magical woman is that I can be gone as quickly as I came. 
And when you are a whole person for the first time, the movie is over. 
Manic pixie dream girl doesn’t go on; there’s no need for her anymore. 
Manic pixie dream girl is too dream girl, and you just woke up.

Olivia Gatwood


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