Tested: Glossier Jelly Cleanser


 Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I’m always on the hunt for low PH face cleansers. Glossier’s jelly boasts a fantastic PH of 4.5/5.0. God is real. 

Alright, so I have stalked glossier products for years. Honestly, huge fan of Emily Weiss since her ‘perfect intern’ label via my teen days & it is pretty cool to grow up with someone you’ve seen on TV and is now slaying the skincare game. I’m not sure if she hates being associated with her MTV days now, but it’s just so iconic! Given her IG vibes I feel like she’s a def cool chick and just get it. 

But- let’s be clear. Fan-girling aside, I am super particular about what I use on my skin. So back to business. 

Glossier started really picking up marketing speed a few years ago based on word of mouth. AKA the best way to do it. Combined with dope aesthetics and an elusive mystery to the products, they caught a wave, especially on the Instagram front. The problem some folks have, including myself is- how do you know which products are legit and which ones go in the same draw as the Flat Tummy Tea? Does this product perform to it’s claims? Is it authentic or just gimmick? Ah, the blessing and curse that is social media marketing. Enter: Glossier’s jelly wash. My first entre to the Glossier skincare line.

Figuring out your skincare products can but intimidating enough, especially if you are thinking about branching out into a new company. Let’s start with some solid facts: Glossier has a no questions asked return policy, free shipping after the purchase of two products, and gradually expand their line of products. Why is this important to know? First- half the battle of trying anything new, especially if you are not close to a physical retail store is being turned off by the politics of the company. “What do you mean I can’t return this moisturizer if it makes me break out in hives Susan?!” and it’s never cool to get back charged a “restocking fee” if a product doesn’t work either — and what the hell is shipping? Amazon Prime has really made it hard out here for your girls, hashtag things girls love. 

But back to the wash.

Effectiveness: The texture is comparable to this Anthony Glycolic facial cleanser being that it feels like a conditioner on your face, non-foaming, non-drying, and pretty safe to use twice a day. There is no detergent, squeaky, tight feelings, that we are totally brainwashed into thinking is good for our skin.  The cleanser is gentle, unscented, and made of pure unicorn years and sunflower dreams. I would recommend this cleanser for anyone, especially someone like me with combination oily skin and need that low ph on the skin to keep things copacetic. This wash effectively cleanses the face and would be a great step two to a double wash. Not effective in removing face/eye makeup.

Unboxing Experience: Aesthetics on point.  Clear bottle, helvetica font. I see you @Glossier.  Stays on consistent with pink and clean theme throughout the company, #BOSS. Product is shipped in a pink lined interior box in full Glossier swag. It’s a sweet treat to add to your shelf. 

Cost To Use Ratio: This cleanser comes right at under $20 (18) which to me is the price point that doesn’t feel like everything but will sting is you feel like you’re not getting your money worth- but this is a quality cleanser. For a 4.5 gentle face cleanser that actually cleans your skin and is safe to use twice a day the CTUR is Lit. You can’t ask for more with the same quality at this price point and you only need about 1-2 pumps to get the job done.  In short: buy it. You’re welcome.

If you see Glossier alot on this site it’s because their products are solid, but what I really enjoy the most about this brand is the DIVERSITY and inclusion in it’s marketing and product focus. Glossier includes me and people who look like me. That shows that they think of me and care that I too want to have clear skin and glow for the gods. So for that, they can continue to take all of these coins. Check out the Cleansing Jelly and let me know what you think! 



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