How To: Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


Ah, the comfort zone.


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Before we talk about why it’s important to leave this space, let’s chat a bit about why it’s so hard to break out of your comfort zone. It’s really not your fault. In a nutshell, your brain makes it more difficult for you to move in spaces that seem foreign. Your comfort zone is a psychological, emotional, and behavioral construct. It’s what’s familiar and what feels safe. It is where your regular habits and routines live. When you’re in your comfort zone, you experience low levels of stress and anxiety. In your comfort zone, there’s little to no risk. What we need to remember though, is that anxiety can bring out the best of you.  BUT- pushing through discomfort is how you build tolerance, endurance, and learn how to persevere! Literally, by definition, anything that’s not in your comfort zone is discomfort. Every time that you step into that uncomfortable space, what should you expect to feel? DUH: you’re going to feel discomfort. Discomfort isn’t a sign that there’s something wrong. It’s a sign that you’re trying something new and different! This week, figure out a way to distill that energy into something that is productive and lead you to new experiences that you probably would have looked over given our default to stay comfortable. There is benefit in leaving spaces that no longer serve you. It’s okay to take a peek on the other side. 


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Positive Distraction of The Week

Wether it’s singing karaoke in front of a large group, driving without GPS or challenging yourself to create a meal you see on food network TV. This week trust yourself enough to make a snap decision.  Starting today, get outside, be deliberate, be intentional, and get out of that complacent space. Here are a few tips to help you get there:

1. small steps; let’s be real. It only takes 21 days to make a habit or pattern. Multiply that by a few months or years and we’ve got some serious ties to break. Personal development is never easy, especially when it feels comfortable. So take small steps to break the complacency habits to inch you away from your fears of the other side. Dare yourself to live in a new space. 

2. give up control; as you’re moving toward your fear outside of the comfort zone, your control signals are going to sound off. This is merely your survival mode kicking in for some place and feeling that feels foreign and different. Gradually give up control of trying to save yourself from the outcome you think is going to take place and go forth with understanding that it is okay if things are not orderly and proper as that is essentially the point- intentionally moving toward what you do not do every day.  

3. take advantage; of new opportunities to meet new people, try different things, and experience new views. I am a big advocate of learning new skills. I believe everything we learn in life can be weaved together to create various complexities to each of us. This week when opportunity presents itself, even in the form of grabbing a cup of tea with a new group of people: take it. 

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Best, Dr. Dyce

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