Motivation Is Overrated



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It kinda looks the same, but it’s not the real deal. To be honest, it’s hard to make discipline appealing. Especially when motivation gets all of these pretty quotes:

Discipline gets this gritty exterior and is silenced at the party for telling all the dad jokes. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t like a pretty pin-worthy quote that they can keep in their phone and share in the group chats? But the problem I have is that motivation really is not sufficient enough to get things done when we feel our lowest. Where are the memes that say: “yeah this sucks, but do it anyway” or “this is going to make you question a lot of things in life, but just cry through it and keep your head down?”. You know, the real life feelings that we experience when we can’t live up to the pretty motivational offerings. Chasing motivation is exhausting because it’s fickle. Whenever I have been on the cusp of a shift, it has always been discipline to deliver. Why? It’s the same reason you followup weekly for bite-size ideas: we’re usually tired and motivation is a fleeting emotion. You’ve got to dig into your core values to make changes; GRITIt is a quiet, intrinsic process that fuels the determination to get you through. Sometimes you’ll feel like it, most times you probably wont- the process isn’t easy, but it is essential. Therefore, the only way you’re going to get anything done is to be disciplined- because it separates the feeling from the behaviors and forces you to function and perform systematically regardless of climate. It’s the less popular but right choice. Discipline is a much powerful weapon to keep in your arsenal and it takes discipline to practice discipline, so- that’s where we’re going to start this week.

Positive Distraction of The Week

For this week and this week alone: your feelings are insignificant. It’s time to divorce the emotion from the action and get (or continue) moving. This may mean to continue being disciplined in your work, relationships, or goals. Last week I spoke about why being outside of your comfort zone sucks and this week could really be the first cousin to that post as both growing from your comfort zone and remaining disciplined often feel terrible, but the results are glorious. There’s no better feeling than looking back at something you’ve accomplished during a period of time you wish you were doing anything but that. So this week, don’t get motivated, don’t get inspired, get disciplined to accomplish what you’ve promised to yourself. 

Tips to attain self-discipline: 1. Actively revisit your goals; 2. Prioritize, bite-size steps toward completion; 3. Create an incentive; sidebar: I don’t know why we are so afraid of saying that we are incentive driven people. What often helps keep us disciplined is the incentive we will receive at the end of the journey. Embrace your incentive to remain intentional IE: IF I work out this week, THEN I will feel x. Which will lead me to Y and ultimately obtaining Z.

Feel free to share the love via the links below to someone who may also need to divorce from motivation. Thanks so much for following up this week. I’m already looking forward to session with you next Sunday. You can like this post below via heart-moji and be sure to share this with a friend. Follow-up in one week! 

Best, Dr. Dyce


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