Generating Inner Peace


It can be challenging to find the silver lining. Let’s face it. When the going gets tough, sometimes we need to sit down because we need about ten-minutes before the tough gets going. Sometimes emotions catch us off guard and we’re confused as to why there is a feeling of disconnect. While we know it’s important to listen to all of our emotions and recognize the signals, there tends to be a few that sneak up on us: anger, bitterness, discomfort, guilt, and shame; Likely, because they are often very silent. This can become increasingly difficult when attempting to foster peace within. Inner peace is crucial because it leads to external peace; the ability for you to cope and navigate external conditions and environments. Being peaceful enables you not to be swayed by events, hardships and difficulties, and to maintain inner poise, clear judgment and common sense in such situations.

All of our emotions are our babies. Treat them tenderly, care for them. Be with them. Understanding and compassion will ultimately transform them. — Thich Nhat Hanh

It’s not always easy to get ourselves together and find peace of mind in the chaos that is life. Freeing yourself of negative thoughts often feels like an internal battle of what your are attempting to make meaning of and the actual reality of which you stand. This week, let’s switch it up and work TOWARD the positive feelings instead of attempts to back AWAY from the negative ones. Let us inch closer to inner peace and increased sense of worth and let the attitude shift help change our perspective on things and provide gracious peace. 

Positive Distraction of The Week: 

Work toward the arrival of peace during your week, even in small snippets. For example:

1. Find the beginning in every ending: 

Train your mind to cultivate happiness and peace. Rarely do we spend time on the things that are going right and most often we dwell on the negative.  List 3 things that you are grateful for on most days or nights.  In short: count your blessings. This activity highlights that, despite of what is going on, these three positive things took place and can serve as your mustard seed to keep moving forward.

2. Use compassion as a tool: 

If it’s challenging for you to find peace in the sea of emotion, externalize your frustration and give to someone else. Providing an act of kindness toward someone else has the ability to justify your day and existence for being. Interdependence is a real thing. It is never all about us or a specific situations that has caused our feelings. You may not have control over your circumstances, but you may have the ability to impact how someone feels about themselves. It is scientifically proven that helping others promotes the reduction of tension and anxiety. Get out and make an impact.

3. Destroy the balloon of anxiety: 

If you spend a moment every morning to set yourself up for the day ahead, guarding your mind becomes second nature. Impermanence is inevitable; life goes up and down and eventually, everything has to change. While working to fracture the hold of anxiety and doubt, you are able to distance yourself from the creeps: fears, hopes, disappointment, and jealousy.

Remember, while you’re developing your self-care plan each week, it’s important to set realistic expectations and keep it simple. Bite-sized and digestible changes: think emotional tapas.

Thanks for checking-in today. Let’s follow up in a week.

Best, Dr. Dyce