Selfcare Tips For Travel


Whether you’re a seasonal traveler or basically your crews own version of Magellan, you likely know what it’s like to hit a challenge or obstacle while traveling and know its impact on your overall wellness- both during and after the event. This week let’s nip that clean, and learn how to regulate your self-care strategies when you’re on the move.

Positive Distraction of the Week

1. Timelines and Irinterarys are flexible.

It is okay if you can’t fit everything in your pre-planned excel sheet. If you can be flexible with your timeline, you’re affording yourself alternative routes to destinations you may not have even imagined.

2. Create something.

Keep a running journal or log: food, sights, whatever! Create, create, create. Not only will this serve as a neat souvenir for you to have down the road, but it’s a good way to break up parts of the day that are more strenuous, providing slight structure to days what may be chaotic. Give yourself 15 minutes a day to create.

3. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Exactly what it says. Local radio, community activities, social groups. Immerse yourself in the culture of your surrounding. Struggle with a language and make memorable experiences along the way. Visiting countries with language barriers especially have a way humbling you by forcing you out of your comfort zone and making it all work. It usually does.

4. Allow yourself comfort.

Pack away the pressure and focus on what’s important. Lean on a minimalist packing list

As your frame of organization for the adventure.  Don’t let ‘things’ anchor you.

5. Mind your p’s and q’s.

We all plan to have big fun with the wretched-

But remember to freestyle in moderation and make sure your non negotiable as stay that way. You don’t want to head home with a deficit of what you’ve already worked so hard for. Remember your medication (vitamins, prescriptions, melatonin, packets, and sleep aids. For example, set a reminder in your phone if you think you’ll be too busy to remember your antidepressants. You didn’t work this hard to fall so short.

6. Sensory strategies

I’ve talked extensively on the power of sensory experiences on mental health wellness and here is a quick and dirty rundown list of travel friendly ideas to boost those food brain chemicals:

•Herbal shower tablets/portable diffusers

•Badger balm

•A rubber door stopper (light sleepers)

•Thick wool socks

•Meditation and hydration apps

•Noise cancelling headphones

•Tiny notebook

The possibilities are endless! Since you spend weeks plotting + scheming for the ultimate adventure- be sure you’re remembering to take care of self. Share with me your ideas and let me know what strategies you use while traveling to alleviate your stress. Thanks for following up with me this week friend. Talk soon!


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