Check In: The Arlo Nomad Hotel




You should know by now, whenever I am on the hunt for a place to stay, a boutique property always received the first glance. I find that the benefits of staying at a boutique hotel outweigh its heavy competitors on several fronts. Aesthetic: what you see, affects how you think, and ultimately how you feel. Boutique hotels offer superior attention to detail; since there is less mass, more attention can be paid toward efforts to make you feel most comfortable in an intimate space. Service: smaller numbers translate to acute customer service due to sheer mathematics. You are not just guest #5974923; Individualized service is something I can stand behind and throw coins toward. The Arlo Nomad is a modern, micro-boutique hotel with loads of personality, tech-friendly, and right in the middle of New York City. On trend with more progressive spaces the Arlo Nomad provides the visuals, comfort, and access you need for a perfect stay in the big apple.



Upon arrival the hotel lobby was calm and inviting. I was met with a super friendly welcome from staff positined in an industrial space with low lights and colorful pieces of artwork on the walls. I checked in to a queen room with a city view. This hotel is an unpretentious gem where staff wear button-downs and slacks & are super warm and helpful. Although the property is snug, a lot fits into the compact space and forces you to explore your surroundings. Parking is not available on site, however valet is an option with limited car privileges. Arlo Nomad is in a great location for anyone who’s never been to New York City as it is located in the Flat Iron district of Manhattan, that allows for easy access to several anchor points for a first time visitor. 








Outside the guest rooms, the Arlo provides communal spaces to relax and enjoy a cocktail on site. Amenities include a full restaurant with bar and 24-hour lobby bodega.  A library/den, packed with colorful books, tables, and lofty seating spaces. The Arlo Nomad provides ample seating around each of the communal spaces in addition to tables, fireplaces, and nooks for pre-dinner drinks or nightcap. @arlohotels provide a complimentary happy hour from 530pm to 700pm at #BARlo which is a 60’s inspired second floor bar and lounge area. Here you are able to enjoy a glass of prosecco with a friend while you figure out your next step; The bar was chic, comfortable, and inviting.  The restaurant on site: Massoni, dons an Asian-Italian fare which we thoroughly enjoyed. I had a glass of Riesling with the garlic bread pizza; my friend opted for the pasta and neither disappointed. Normally hotel restaurants can be hit or miss, especially in larger cities, however the food-to-cost ratio was appropriate and satisfying. PRO TIP: Masoni would be a neat brunch spot as the real treat of the Arlo Nomad is the rooftop bar with city skyline views of the Empire State building to bring you to that state of mind (The rooftop bar is called: The Heights).






The rooms are snug (probably about 150-square feet) however mighty and efficient; I appreciate when a space makes sense.  Where the room lacks in space, it makes up for in comfort and view as there is not a bad room in the hotel. The property faces a bustling and thriving city landscape at the doorsteps of New York City. During the day, the higher floored you are the more you feel like you are staying in a sky-scraper-esque property; I felt like you were floating over manhattan.  At nighttime the metropolis turns into a beautifully lit city view, truly giving that New York City vibe each minute.  The bathroom was of adequate size, compact, with a sliding door, rainfall shower, and lemongrass/verbena toiletries.  The room provided each guest complimentary boxed water with a fridge and clothing steamer which I felt to be a nice touch.




For this trip I was in town to see my fave, Travis Scott for the (third night) NYC show in the garden. It was nothing short of amazing, and if you ever have an opportunity to watch Travis perform, GO. It is truly a religious experience. Everyone is there to have a good time, and you’ll be on your feet for the duration of the concert. This 30-something year old can definitely still hang, but it was nice to creep back to the oasis in the city for a solid, restful sleep at the Arlo Normad Hotel. See clips below from the show and of the post-show k-town hangout. Afterward, The Arlo Nomad was just enough city light to give you after hours gothic vibes – not too much where you feel like you can’t get any rest.





The Arlo Nomad has an urban-industrial style with modern comforts and makes for a seamless and peaceful self-care experience. The calm vibes amid the hustle and bustle of the big apple afford you much peace and quiet for a pleasant and innovative stay. You’re in such close proximity to everything in the overly saturated, Flatiron district so you can easily head out for a nightcap or a quick bite a few blocks away in K-Town.





TELEPHONE: 212.806.7000

+all photos taken by yourweeklyfollowup

+Many thanks to the Arlo Nomad Hotel for their gracious hospitality and support in this blog.


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