Currently Obsessed: Suja Juice

Currently Obsessed

I hate summer. I know, I know. The beach! The BBQs! The Sun! In my head I just think about the humidity..the bugs.. the inflammation. UGH. Let’s compromise: I like summer evenings (with lots of deet); I’m an artificial air kinda girl (judge me). However, I think I found something to help out this season. I’m currently obsessed with Suja Juice + their line of drinking vinegars +vegetable juices.  I used to take a swig of apple cider vinegar in the morning but Suja drinking vinegars taste way better, #notsorry. Focusing on digestive health has become a priority for me + my mental health so I wanted to share what I’m currently obsessed with to help beat the heat + keep inflammation low.This summer I am finishing up with these guys.

Suja offers a little afternoon pick-me-up that you can feel good about drinking. Cold pressed + 99% juice, everything in the bottle exists in nature. Certain blends have organic teas involved to really help quench your thirst. The drinks are not overly sweet (if you’re looking to cut down) + honestly, it’s as close to a fresh made juice as you can get without having to get all up in your Breeville. The plastic container is BPA free + I think it’s a great alternative to maintain ingredient integrity for a product. I also use it for cleanses when I need to detox from a weekend of overindulging. Suja is non-GMO, no pesticides, + its vegan + GF friendly. Whatever sugar is in the fruit is what is in the bottle- that is it. No additional junk, chemicals, or fillers. Their fermented waters are cold-pressed with tart citrus fruits for simple, clean refreshment + have 4 billion vegan probiotic CFUs so, the juice is ALIVE!

You can find Suja in your grocery store or online + the bottle sizes and flavors vary. My favorites are the drinking vinegars, which boast around 20 calories a bottle + help to take care of my sugar cravings so I don’t have to take those dreaded morning apple cider vinegar teaspoons. Their drinking Vinegars have 7 grams of sugar or less and 4B probiotics! You can also find the infamous lemonade diet bottled for you with cayenne to assist your metabolism; if you’re into that kind of thing.  All of the cold pressed juices are incredibly delicious. I’ve been enjoying them as I prep for dinner, as a quick way to rehydrate after a long day, or as I sit here, right now, editing on my laptop. You can drink your greens without missing a beat, there are no added preservatives + the juice “smoothies” are dairy free. There are so many amazing flavors to choose from, and I recommend you try some yourself.

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+Many thanks to Suja Juice for their support in this blog. This is not a sponsored post + products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions and thoughts about the businesses featured are my own. I stay true to your weekly followup + my aesthetic.


Olfaction Distraction

Currently Obsessed

It’s another year of realizing things & I find myself being extremely conscious about where I spend my coins and what philosophies different companies have in regard to social responsibility. 

I enjoy working with earth happy brands that support self-care and mental health wellness.  This week I teamed up with Harvey Prince. A New York based company that specializes in cruelty-free, chemical free (parabens and sulfates), vegan fragrances and cosmetics. You know, scents with purpose. 

As mentioned in the little things I love sandalwood & bergamot. The two scents that help uplift my mood during the day and keep me productive.

Literature Review

Scents affect your thoughts and behavior.  Studies show that fragrances can transform your mood and have a positive impact on reducing stress and anxiety levels. This rings true for me as specific scents have the ability to cultivate feelings of nostalgia and provide small moments of comfort. Fragrances also allow me to take deeper regulated breaths by calming my mind and body (I am the queen of wall plug-ins & candles & am obsessed with the effects of fragrances).

Progress Notes

So. What is the scent of your positive thinking? Sincerely, which I’ve added to my new scent favorites pretty much inspired this month’s installment of “self-care obsessed”.

Naturally, I wanted you all to get in on the fun and explore organic scents to help alleviate stress during your day. So, being that YWF is obsessed with anything bite-sized & easy to transport, Harvey Prince is providing all YWF readers an opportunity to get a FREE fragrance (MSRP $23) with code: MINI23.

What is your olfaction distraction? Leave a comment down below + share with a friend. Thanks so much for following up. I’ll see you on Sunday. 

Best, Dr. Dyce

+This is not a sponsored post. Products were sent gratis. All opinions are my own.

Mighty Turmeric

Currently Obsessed

Gather round, gather round. Now I know that use of turmeric is older than dirt. Like, duh girl. However, in the last year or so I introduced it in my life pretty consistently and it has now taken full control. I don’t know where I was, but now I am found. So naturally, I must share.

Here’s why I’m #currentlyobsessed with the mighty turmeric.

The Rundown

Turmeric is in the same family as ginger.

The bright yellow color is due to the concentrate: curcumin.

It’s a pretty powerful spice that is so versatile. Soon, it’ll start replacing items all over your house.

Why It’s Boss

Curcumin has the ability to control inflammation.

So while the mighty turmeric can be an awesome antioxidant, secret weapon for your skin, and help you love your liver. It can also help to B O O S T your brain waves! Say whet

YEP: Research continues to show that turmeric helps provide positive impact on brain activity, especially for anxiety, depression, and aging. YAS.


Welp, curcumin is believed to work by increasing the key neurotransmitters linked to depression: serotonin and dopamine. So remember that inflammation deal? Curcumin impacts depression by reducing brain inflammation. Allowing the good guys: serotonin & dopamine to run free

How I Use It:

(Just imagine this list in the voice of Bubba)

turmeric tea

turmeric + pepper+ honey + lemon + hot water

lemon + ginger + apple cider vinegar + honey + turmeric

turmeric milk

cashew milk + turmeric + honey + ginger root + cinnamon

turmeric face masks


turmeric vitamins

turmeric smoothies 

turmeric seafood

Okay, you’ve got the picture. “I had 99 problems and turmeric has solved like 86” hashtag: superfood win. Consider introducing this bite-sized idea this week, follow-up, and let me know the deets.

Thanks for clicking in for this mid-week #obsessed post. Share this with a friend using the social links below & I’ll see you for #self-care sunday. Boom!

Best, Dr. Dyce